Client Profile

We provide investment management services to high net-worth individuals and families. We recognize that managing wealth can be especially complicated, as investments are often allocated among different managers and asset classes. We devote our energy to understanding the unique circumstances of our clients and to creating investment portfolios to meet those needs. Our clients receive truly personalized guidance based upon their particular circumstances.

What to Expect as a Client:

We strive to preserve and grow wealth according to your long-term objectives and tolerance for risk. We invest in companies that produce attractive returns on invested capital and that also have a demonstrated history of deploying excess cash flow in shareholder friendly activities. We focus on after-tax returns. We purchase stocks with the intention of holding them for at least a year, maximizing the potential for long-term capital gains.
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The Client/Adviser Relationship:

We believe that direct communication between client and investment professional is essential for a long term, successful relationship. Clients are encouraged to understand as much as they wish regarding how their money is being invested and the strategy behind investment decisions.

At Ayrshire Capital Management you will be kept in the loop. We are never too busy to return your call promptly. Clear and open communication is a cornerstone of our relationship with you.

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